"Cieeeel~!" Alois quickly called out his name, running up beside him and stopping on his own heels. Grinning, the taller blonde hummed a bit. "So~ Long time no see. Have I missed out on anything important?" 

Of course overly excited was an understatement. Either way, he was here now

What type of rper?
If you can't find someone to roleplay it with definitely write a fic.

//I’ve tried, sadly I don’t enjoy it as much writing fanfics

//Still need a literate rper to try a weight gain rp with alois x ciel

//And the search continues I suppose

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Half-lidded eyes stared blankly into the pond that shimmered against the sunlight that beated down on it. His stature was firm but relaxed, his legs were crossed and so were his arms, not expecting anyone and anything to really come near him. The area where Ciel was at was very secluded, and he often went to it whenever he felt stressed or just wanted to ponder. 

Though, suddenly rustling was heard. Half-lidded eyes abruptly widened and his body turned stiff and cautious. Turning around, he would meet his loud offender, though, to his dismay, it was only Alois. A frown, obvious on his face, turned back around and threw a stone into the pond. 

Is there anything you want, Alois?" Ciel asked somberly. image

"Oh Ciel~ You should really know that there is plenty that I want. But in reality, is it possible for you to give me what I want?” He hummed softly. Oh it was oh so entertaining teasing the boy in the eyepatch. Let’s be honest, even though Ciel hated his guts, Alois knew the boy got some form of pleasure in arguing. So, he figured why not come by again?

"Listen. I wanted to speak to you , a lot has happened over the past few weeks."

Though he still had that grin spread across his lips.

//Damn, still can’t find a literate rper to be my overweight ciel to do wg rps with.